Thursday, May 28, 2020

Troubleshooting for OFL of Weighing Indicator

0 Considering OFL is a frequent problem of the weighing indicator that mentioned by clients, GM weighing shot this video for self detecting. The problem of...

Ferro Concrete Weighbridge

This is the weighbridge for the harshest environment Concrete weighbridges have always been considered as the ‘for life’ option due to their rigidity, resistance to corrosion and...

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Vehicle Weighing Function In RADWAG PUE HX7 Terminal

The software of the advanced-class PUE HX7 weighing terminal now features vehicle weighing function. The working mode enables to weigh lorries and calculate mass...

LCM Systems Ltd Press Release – 9.5te Load Link with Data Logging

LCM Systems Ltd (United Kingdom) - Press Release: We have recently manufactured a load link that provides data logging capabilities. Rated at 9.5 tonnes,...